A diagnosis can give you freedom and confinement. How does it feel to know your corporeality subscribes to a larger system of organization? What are the pleasures we take in the stable knowledge of self amongst categories larger than ourselves? Does the real even see or understand disorder, dysfunction? Or is its awareness much like your vision of the most enlightened meditator: relaxed, non-judgemental, witnessing what is present.


The process behind the creation of these pieces is constituted by a relationship between object and body.

In my own body, over time, living through and in different identities, diagnoses and narratives, I came to interrogate each and every one of them.

The process of breaking out of the sinthome, that which binds us into subjectivity, can be disorienting and challenging.

I want to create objects that experiment with form and function, allowing the wearer to re-awaken an awareness of the interplay between themselves and their surroundings.

Jewelry is a poignant and beautiful way to interface this experience: it sits on the skin, directly between the body and the world. Opening up the space of play between the porous boundaries of self and other.

Each object was designed, hand-crafted, and worn and tested by me. The pieces are made with the body, to be comfortable, and yet engage something new and generative within you.